We live in an era where energy is essential to our everyday lives and in todaybs modern world, energy efficiency is becoming a requirement. Modern technology and appliances are now so advanced that they exceed the basic purposes of comfort and convenience to those who are using it. Energy is progressively becoming limited as the demand for it increases every year, with no disadvantages to being energy efficient, why not save energy?
Therebs a number of reasons why being energy efficient is so important, energy efficiency will benefit you both as a user of the energy and the environment. Energy efficiency is so important in todaybs society, these factors benefit both you as a user of energy and the environment. The majority of your domestic energy is powered by fossil fuels and due to the cumulative population and trading, meaning that these natural resources are being used up very quickly, itbs important that we try that we try to save energy for these following reasons.
Saves natural resources – these resources have been produced from over hundreds of millions of years and the supply is rapidly decreasing.B
Cuts down on pollution which is better for the environment – when extracting fossil fuels the process generates air and water pollution, this harms the environment and the communities surrounding it. The less demand, the less extraction and consequently less pollution.
It saves you money as an energy consumer – using heating and electricity less means that youbbb save on your energy bills.B

Energy Efficiency in your Home

Heating accounts for around 55% to 60% of your homebs energy bills, if you donbt have a modern energy efficient boiler, then you could be losing money every month and wasting energy. From 2005, the Building Regulations state that all boilers should be installed in domestic properties had to be condensing boilers. Condensing boilers can be in the form of combi boilers and heat-only boilers, but all new boiler produced will be condensing boilers.B
Condensing boilers have a larger heat exchanger, this means that they can recover more heat, whereas a non-condensing boiler will lose some of its heat in the hot gases that travel up the flue. A non-condensing boiler will take air from inside the room and a condensing boiler is fully sealed so theybre safe and therebs also a lower risk of anything being drawn into the boiler. If your bills and inexplicably high, then it could be because youbre in need of a replacement boiler.
Should you have a boiler thatbs more than 10 years old, itbs most likely a d-rated boiler which isnbt energy efficient. The modern condensing boiler with an A rating efficiency will save you a lot more money so it would be beneficial for you to get a replacement boiler installed. At Alistair Thorpe, we can examine your boiler system and install a modern, energy-efficient boiler, helping you to be more energy-efficient and help you to save money.B

Home Improvements for Saving Energy

As well as fixing your heating system, therebs a number of other things that you can do in your property to ensure its energy efficiency. This includesb&
Heating controls – there are many different types of heating control systems that you can use to change the temperature and times when your heating is on or off. There are advanced control systems that allow you to manage your controls from your home.B
Heating recovery devices and systems – these are ventilation systems that allow you to warm other parts of your property, this system will help you to get warm air constantly circulating through the house.
Maintenance – if you get regular servicing for your heating systems then you can save energy and money as your heating will work as efficiently as it should. Regular maintenance can al prevent cold spots in your radiators and prevent high energy bills.B
Energy efficiency – itbs important and there are a number easy methods that can help you to save energy, or engineers here at Alistair Thorpe are aware of how to make your home as energy-efficient as possible. Webve worked with a number of customers to install these energy-saving appliances and theybve resulted in them saving money in the long run too.