At Alistair Thorpe, we understand that the boiler is at the heart of every home and are committed to helping you get the most out of your heating system. So we’ve put together these handing boiler tips to help you along the way.

1. Annual Boiler Service

Your boiler should be serviced once a year by an accredited Gas Safe Register engineer, even when it appears to be in perfect working order.
During a boiler service, the engineer will check all parts and clean all components. -essentially preventing problems (or disasters) in the winter months when your boiler is heavily relied on.
Top tip: schedule your boiler service around September, before the colder months kick in.

2. Put The Heating On

It’s not uncommon for boilers to seize up if they haven’t been used in a while. So we recommend popping your heating on for as little as 10 minutes every so often during the months, just to keep your boiler ready to go when you need it.

3. Bleed Your Radiators

Are your radiators cold in places? Often this can mean air is trapped in the system. An easy solution is by bleeding the radiators. This avoids placing an added strain on your boiler as it will not be working smoothly.
To do this, switch the heating off and slot the key into the bleed valve – it’s a good idea to have an old towel to soak up any mess. Turn the key anticlockwise for a quarter and you should hear a hissing sound as the air escapes. When the water starts to drip, lock the valve by turning it clockwise and the job is done.

4. De-clutter

Boilers need ventilation, so make sure the space around the appliance is kept free from clutter. It’s also a good idea to make sure it’s easy to access.
Our plumbers and engineers will be able to advise on whether your boiler has enough ventilation.

5. Carbon Monoxide Detector

Faulty boilers can produce carbon monoxide – a deathly gas that you can’t see, smell or taste. Which is why every home should have a carbon monoxide detector and check it every month.
Top tip: battery operated detectors ensure operation in the event of a power cut.