Boiler servicing is something that can often be forgotten or simply ignored by people who think problems wonbt occur. The issue with this is that if you donbt have an annual boiler service, you could be leaving yourself open to more problems. Whatever your reasons for not having a boiler service, at Alistair Thorpe, we strongly recommend that you do, webre here to tell you why you should have it serviced on an annual basis, take a look at the top reasons for undergoing annual boiler servicing.

Cheaper than a boiler replacement

Despite what people may think, having your boiler serviced wonbt cost a large amount of money, having your boiler serviced is certainly a lot more cost effective than having your boiler replaced completely. Itbs important to identify small problems before they turn into a much larger problem, or complete boiler breakdown. The worst case will be that your boiler isn’t fit for use anymore and you may need a brand new system installed, finding the extra money for a new boiler when you need a replacement can be difficult. For this reason we recommend annual boiler servicing as this can save you money as well as the heartache of having to make a large payment on a new boiler which could have been avoided.

Save Money on Energy Bills

Undergoing regular boiler servicing could save you a lot of money in the long run, if your boiler isnbt working properly for whatever reason, this could mean that youbre spending too much on your energy bills without realising. Depending on what make or model your boiler is, as well as how long you have had it, it will ultimately depend on how efficient it can be. Having your boiler checked to improve efficiency will not only mean you can save money but will also mean that your boiler doesnbt have to work as hard and will also use less energy as well as reducing your carbon footprint.

Legal Requirements

Itbs a legal requirement for all landlords to have their boilers serviced in each property that they own and let out, this also goes for other gas appliances that they may have. As a property owner, itbs your responsibility to ensure that these annual checks are provided each year for the safety of your tenants. Gas safety checks should be provided by a Gas Safe Registered Engineer, theybre legally qualified to do so, so make it a part of your yearly routine to have the gas appliances serviced in properties that you own, if not, you could fall victim to hefty fines if you neglect your duties as a landlord.

Health and Safety Benefits

Webve touched on safety a couple of times, but not in great depth, for health and safety reasons, having your boiler servicing annually could be a life saver. Over 4000 people are admitted to A&E every year with carbon monoxide poisoning, according to the Department of Health. The symptoms that usually present themselves include headaches, nausea, breathlessness, dizziness, collapsing and lack of consciousness and they are often assumed to be other common illnesses or infections. For this reason, it’s essential that you get your boiler serviced so that an engineer can check its running safely and efficiently.

Have you had your boiler serviced this year?

If your boiler hasnbt been serviced in the last 12 months you should consider booking it in, at Alistair Thorpe Plumbing and Heating all of our specialists are fully qualified and gas safe registered, so you know that youbre in safe hands no matter what your boiler requirements are.