So we all know Super Mario the plumber, right?
It came to our attention recently that Mario tarnishes the plumbing name, by being a bad plumber, and we want to make sure everyone knows about it! So here are 5 points that prove Super Mario isn’t a super plumber.
1. b There are pipes everywhere in Super Mario Bros Kingdom. Giant and useless – some go nowhere, some go to the ocean, others have fire-spitting plants in them.
2. He’s only got this huge plumbing gig cause he’s dating Princess Peach and convinced her to let him take care of the plumbing for the entire kingdom.
3. He robs the Kingdom blind! Okay so he may not be charging his customers a call out fee (although don’t quote us on that) but stealing coins from the bricks across the kingdom – talk about hidden fees!
4. Mario has a lack of respect, leaving a mess of disruption behind him. Including crushing through bricks and stomping on as many animals and mushrooms as he can.
5. He’s unreliable and often has to repeat the same job time after time before getting the job done (perhaps he didn’t have the right parts for the job with him).
Anyone else agree that Mario should maybe go back to being a carpenter again…?