Landlord Legionella Testing Services in Cupar

When you need a company that specialises in Landlord Legionella Testing Services in Cupar, you can rely on the team of experts at Alistair thorpe. We can help you moving forward.

Landlord Legionella Testing Services in Cupar

If you are a landlord and based in Cupar or the surrounding areas, then it is important to have your properties tested for Legionella. There has been recent changes in the HSE Guidance for Legionella control, and it is now deemed necessary for Landlords to have a Legionella Risk Assessment carried out.
Alistair Thorpe Plumbers are able to provide a quick and efficient Landlordbs Legionella Risk Assessment, ensuring that both Landlord and Tenant are fully compliant with respect to Legionella Control. As a landlord you have an obligation to be aware of the dangers and are required to have a legionella risk assessment of all hot and cold water systems.
If you are a Landlord based in Cupar or the surrounding areas, then make sure you get in touch with Alistair Thorpe Plumbing today for your FREE quote!

Landlord Legionella Testing Services in Cupar

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What is Legionnairesb Disease?

Legionnairesb Disease is a pneumonia like illness caused by the Legionella bacteria and can be fatal. The infection is caused by breathing in small droplets of water contaminated by the bacteria. The disease cannot be passed from one person to another.
Legionella bacteria are found in the natural environment and may contaminate and grow in water systems, including domestic hot and cold water systems. They survive low temperatures and thrive at temperatures between 20 b 45B0C if the conditions are right. They are killed by high temperatures at 60B0C or above.

Landlord Legionella Testing Services in Cupar
Landlord Legionella Testing Services in Cupar


For Legionella Testing, Contact Alistair Thorpe Plumbing

When you need a plumbing company that specialises in Legionella Testing in Cupar, Alistair Thorpe has a team of experienced, local plumbers that can help you. Alistair Thorpe should your first and only choice when looking for a company offering Landlord Legionella Testing services in Cupar.

Why Choose Alistair Thorpe for Legionella Testing?
Our plumbers have been working in and around the Cupar area for many years. With years of experience, our plumbers have all the skills and knowledge needed to carry out a professional and efficient services in Legionella Testing. Some of the reasons we think you should choose us for Landlord Legionella Testing services in Cupar are:

  • Years of experience in the plumbing industry
  • Team of trained and experienced plumbers
  • Cover the whole of the Cupar area
  • Offer both repairs and installations
  • Professional and efficient Legionella Testing Services
What's is a Legionella Risk Assessment?
The process generally involves an external professional (such as Alistair Thorpe Plumbers) attending site, carrying out a visual inspection of all available pipework, cold water storage tanks, calorifiers/boilers/electric water heaters/other plant, all outlets (such as wash hand basins, sinks, WCs, showers, bidets, spray taps) to ensure compliance with the health and safety guidelines.
From this, an asset register is compiled, simple schematic drawing produced and recommendations made on bringing the system up to standards where applicable.
What does it involve?
A risk assessment includes:

  • Management responsibilities, including the name of the competent person and a description of your system,
  • Any potential risk sources,
  • Any controls currently in place to control risks,
  • Monitoring, inspection and maintenance procedures,
  • Records of the monitoring results, inspection and checks carried out,
  • A review date, if applicable.

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